Decapitation of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff fakes?

EN: It seems that the videos of their decapitation by the terror group ISIS are not showing their real execution. Indeed, when we summon the courage to look to the whole length of the videos, we observe some strange things. The way the “beheader” goes to work for example. Anyone who has seen or has sliced a throat of a sheep or chicken will agree that that “beheader” is not doing it well. And while he is doing it, there is no blood coming out. Very strange. And no, this is not conspiracy theory, the Telegraph (UK) reports about British analysts saying that it isn’t very kosher.

And maybe it is of some value to highlight the fact that the latter journalist hold a Israeli nationality. Well well well all roads lead to … Jerusalem?

 FR: Nationalité israélienne occultée, pseudo-conversion à l’islam, connexion avec les services secrets et la mouvance islamophobe, vidéo mise en ligne par une officine sioniste de propagande américaine : découvrez les éléments troublants de l’affaire Sotloff.



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