Documentary on Money: how does it work, and are there alternatives?

34a4dbbea9227befffeeda94123c2731.1000x750x1Money today is becoming a god for a lot of people. That has become the MAIN and ONLY driving force. How does money work? Are there different types and kinds of money? What has interest to do with it? How did it pervert money and the whole of society? 95% of the money out-there is not linked to services or goods. It’s a sand castle, ready to be annihilated when the crisis tsunami is going to hit the shores.

Learn more about money in the excellent documentary below.

All our politicians and media speak of is GDP (Growth Domestic Product). Everything is done to make it grow more and more, or at least it’s taken into consideration for everything that is decided. But how does GDP grow? Well, if there is an oil spill in the sea, GDP grows. When a person gets cancer, GDP grows. When there is excessive pollution, GDP grows. When there is war, GDP grows. When there are catastrophes or accidents, GDP grows. Etc, etc. This is what politicians promise us. It’s an insane system, perverted by interest, where money makes money, the richest parasites of society become richer, and the poor 90% becomes poorer.


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